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Black Angus Beef
Creekstone Farms – Ark City, Kansas

Creekstone Farms hand selects all its Black Angus from local farms. Not many beef producers process their own cattle exclusively, but Creekstone Farms does using state-of-the-art processing to ensure the highest quality beef. Consistently tender and delicious, Black Angus is the gold standard of premium beef. Creekstone Farms Black Angus cattle graze on lush pasture throughout the Midwest. Prior to processing, each animal is fed a high quality, corn-based ration that enhances meat tenderness and flavor.


Red Wattle Pork
Wendland Farms – Barnes, Kansas

We proudly source our Heritage Breed Red Wattle hogs from Wendland Farms, owned and operated by Josh Wendland. Red Wattle pork is not the other white meat. Lean with just enough marbling to make it juicy, Red Wattle pork offers a beef-like taste and texture. 


Heritage Breed Poultry
Shepherd Poultry Ranch – Lindsborg, Kansas
RC Farms  – Lindsborg, Kansas

All of our Heritage Breed poultry products are sourced from Frank R. Reese Jr. at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, when available. Good Shepherd brings us Heritage Breed chicken, turkey, duck and geese.


Heritage Breed Chicken & Duck Eggs
RC Farms – Lindsborg, Kansas

Proudly sourced fresh every week from RC Farms. They raise Heritage Breed chickens, ducks and geese. He works closely with Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch.


Heritage Rabbit
The Rare Hare Barn - Leon, Kansas

The Rare Hare Barn is dedicated to conserving heritage breeds of rabbit by providing an outstanding product to restaurants and individuals.



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