ABC News Visits The Anchor

The Anchor welcomed a team from ABC News this week. They were in Wichita to gauge public sentiment in Kansas on the occasion of President Trump's first Congressional Address.

As a public meeting place, we tend to support our local community and keep our broader political leanings to ourselves. Overall, we're just happy to be a place where Wichitans (and out-of-towners) can have vastly different opinions and still raise a glass together at the end of a day.

The Anchor's owner, Schane Gross, is a fervent believer in Wichita, the people who live here, and the way the city is growing. ABC interviewed her along with Mayor Jeff Longwell about the state of our city:

As part of their digital town hall concept, ABC livestreamed a lunchtime panel discussion from The Anchor East dining room and then broadcast a Joint Address watch party from GoCreate on the Wichita State University campus.

Some behind-the-scenes shots from ABC's afternoon at The Anchor: